My host family

I thought I’d tell you a bit about my host family and my schedule! When I arrive the 17th of August I will spend 5 days at the Cultural Care Training School on Long Island in New York. The 21st of August, I will board a plane that will take me to Denver, Colorado, where I will spend a year taking care of 4 kids. Now you might be thinking that that seems really tough, but I have a big perk! I will only work 26h per week, when most au pairs work 35h to 45h per week. The parents work from home, which means that they will take the kids to school most days and my day will not start until 12pm when I pick up the youngest from pre-school. The day will usually end at 5pm and I’ll most likely be free during the weekends. So I will have short days with a lot of action!

So, I’ll live in the Denver area and I didn’t really think about where I wanted to live. A dream would be where it doesn’t snow during the winter, but when Denver came up, it seemed like a good place to spend my year. I’ve read a bit about it, like that the city has over 300 days of sunlight, more sunlight than places on Hawaii! Crazy, right? It’s also got the second best drinking water in all of the USA, so no bottled water for me! Denver is at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, which means that it’s close to skiing resorts! Yey for that! Not that I’m big on skiing, but you can always improve!

But back to the family! They seem really great! I’ll have the choice to hang out with them as much as I want and the kids are just adorable. They have two boys and two girls, all between the ages of 5-9. So they will probably be a handful, but I know I’ll learn a lot!

I would love to tell you more, but right now, I don’t know much more… I made the final match about 3-4 weeks ago and it feels great, because they seem so normal! But I still have a lot left to find out about them. So, until then, this is all I’ve got.denver-co-cityscape


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