COUNTDOWN 13 DAYS: Flight information

So, guys, it’s only 13 days left until I leave for the USA! I can’t believe it and I most likely will not understand what this means until I’m on my way home again. To celebrate this and to sort everything out these last days I’m starting a new series that I’ll call “COUNTDOWN”. Every post will be about one of the many things that these days mean and what I have to do before I get on that plane. So let’s go!

Last Thursday I finally got my flight information! In the Travel Kit it says you’ll get it at least 6 weeks before, and on your profile it says four weeks before. I got mine, as you could imagine, only 2,5 weeks before my departure date. This means I can’t return my carry on which exceeds the baggage limit American Airlines has set. It is within the 115 cm but a bit shorter, and instead a bit too wide.  So yey for that… But I’ll call AA tomorrow and ask what this means for my lovely suitcase.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-04 kl. 21.59.45

Skärmavbild 2015-08-04 kl. 22.05.38

So these are my flights. On my way to New York and the training school, I make a stop at Heathrow in London for 2,5h. Then I have a 7h flight in front of me to enjoy with in flight movie entertainment. At last that’s what British Airways’ website says. I’m a bit bummed though that I won’t arrive at the training school until after midnight. I was looking forward to meeting my fellow au pairs and get to know everyone better. But I’ll manage. The girls, and boys, seem wonderful and I’ll tell you in another post about how I got in contact with them.

After my days on Long Island I board a plane that will take me to Denver, CO and to my host family! Luckily I’ll land later during the day, which means that I’ll hopefully be picked up by the whole family. At least it would be awesome!


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