COUNTDOWN 2 DAYS: Packing and general tips

So, one of the biggest things when traveling in general is packing. You don’t want to bring too much, but you still want a lot of your clothes with you. I’m not leaving until Monday, but I still want say what I feel about packing and luggage.

A big part about packing smart is having a good suitcase. I decided to buy new ones before I left since I wanted a light, but still sturdy and reliable suitcase during my year abroad. It came down to either the TITAN Xenon or Epic’s GRX Hexacore. They both have 7 years of unlimited warranty, which means that even if the airline or you screw up, they fix the bag for free. In the end I chose the Epic, since the salesman at the store said that the only thing making one stand out, was that the Epic had been brought in less times for fixing than the TITAN.

Packing can be hard. Try to pack for 2 weeks at the most and then see if you have space left. Bring things that can be mixed and matched. Skip the colourful pants if you want the colourful shirts and you’ll be able to wear any bottom with any top. To really take advantage of the space in your suitcase you need to pack smart. Don’t fold your clothes, it causes wrinkles and takes up more space. Either roll them carefully or use vacuum storage bags. Wear your bulkiest clothing and shoes when you travel and pack everything for the week in New York in your carry on. You don’t want to look foolish when the airline has lost your biggest suitcase and all you have is a handbag full of non-clothes.


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