So that worked well…

My promise and attempt to update as often as possible clearly failed. *Smacking my hands because they are useless. So I’m gonna try one more time. Now that things are starting to happen here I think regular updates should come by themselves.

So what’s going on here in Denver? Well, fall is apparently here, although I still don’t need a jacket when I go out (in Sweden fall means cold and rain, not so much here though). So I’ve decorated my room so that it matches the season with orange, yellow and red. The leaves outside of my window match those colors at least (read some of them).

I’ve had my three first au pair meetings now. First one was during my first week at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Second one was a charity one at a frozen yogurt bar and the last one was at a Pumpkin Festival at Chatfield State Park. They had a corn maze, a LOT of food stands, horse rides, truck rides and VERY crowded parking lots. Took me 10 minutes at least to find my car. Probably more.

What more happened? Well my host mom had surgery a week ago which meant that the past week meant more work for me. It was tough but it worked. I liked that i could be there for them since they needed the extra help.

I downloaded Tinder. It’s been pretty fun so far. Weird people on there but some are pretty normal and nice. Been on 2 dates so far. And one “date” (I call it dinner when it comes to that one).

A lot more has happened but I’m gonna leave for the Zombie Parade downtown in just a few minutes so this is all I have time to tell. See ya!


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