A lot has happened

So considering some time has passed since y last post, it’s obvious things have happened. I’m still completely happy here, both with my host family and friends. Every Sunday I follow the Broncos games and hope for them to reach the Superbowl. I work from 12pm to 6pm every day and have my weekends off. So you could say I’m getting into the routine and that I enjoy that part.

Today I can say that I’ve spent 2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days in the US. It’s crazy how the time flies here. I love the kids and I love my job. I love how things feel here. In movies they keep on saying that cheesy line: “I never felt like I belonged and now I feel like I’m finally home. Like I’ve finally found y place in the world.” To me, that was always a bunch of BS, but now I’m tempted to think the same. I love my family back home, but I love this place. I can’t even describe it. All I know is that right now I don’t know how I will ever leave.

One of my friends here, a Swedish girl named Lina, is on a plane right now that will take her back to the east coast. She spent her first year there with a family she adored, but decided to spend her year somewhere else in the country for her extension. The family she ended up with here in Denver didn’t suit her and she was never really happy and that’s the reason she decided to go into rematch. Now she’son her way to a family that sounds truly great and I’m SO happy that she’s on her way to a new family that will hopefully be a great fit.

But thinking about it, rematch, makes me think about how lucky I am. And how quick things can change. That perfection takes work. Hard work. And I realize I don’t spend enough time with the family. My weekends are swamped because in the beginning that was the most important thing, to tie bonds to others which would then help in the whole process of being away from home. But now I know it’s OK to take a day and hang out with the family. To hang out with the kids even if I’m off. The family spent the weekend in a cabin (read mansion) in the mountains and I slept alone in the house for one night. Honestly it was brutal. I’m so used to hearing them everywhere, I mean there’s seven of us in the house after all, that turning off the lights, the fire and locking doors felt so alien to me when the house was empty. Like it echoed. I missed them. The kids and the parents, because they’re such a big part of my life here. I just hope they still want me to be a bigger part of the family.


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