Who am I?

So, as the title reads, who am I?

My name is Hanna and I come from the most southern town in Sweden. It can still be quite cold here and this year, summer just arrived. I live with my family and two dogs, one of which I adopted myself, in a house in, what we call, the centre of our town. I graduated from high school the 2nd of June, after studying science for 3 long years. Did I like it? Ehhh… Let’s just say I liked the school, my class and the courses that didn’t involve much science.

In my leisure time, I photograph (read trying to photograph), write, do some scrapbooking, hang out with friends and family and read. Oh, I also am a huge series junkie. I watch everything from Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead to Pretty Little Liars and Jane the Virgin. God, I love my series!

So, how did I get into the whole au pair-thing? Let me set the scene!

I’m almost 17 years old, just got my grades for the first finished courses in high school and realize I do NOT want to study directly after finishing high school. I know I want to do something, I want to go on an adventure and leave Sweden behind me. And don’t get me wrong, I love Sweden, but right then, and still, it reminds me of how much I worked my a** off to get to where I am today. So, an adventure! I read my books and watch my series, and I never figure it out. Until I get a new co-worker at the restaurant where I work, who is going as an exchange student to the United States of America to study at an American high school. I just know, that that’s my answer!

Researching a bit about going as an exchange student, I learn that you can’t use the credits you take at a high school in the Swedish school system. That means that I would pay a lot of money, just so that I could study for nothing. And since I was tired of school in Sweden, that wasn’t my ideal option, so I looked into colleges and universities and stumbled over the term “au pair”.

Today, I’m 19 and I’ve found my host family. I’ve been waiting for this moment for two years, and I’m finally here! Because I AM GOING TO THE USA!

New York


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